We asked Natasha Craike, Project Co-ordinator of Grandmentors Surrey, to tell us about what it feels like to work at Volunteering Matters. Natasha told us about her experience of being a working mum at Volunteering Matters.

As a mum to an 18 month old baby I didn’t think that I could go back to work full-time when my son was born. I started to work evenings, part-time, because as far as I was aware full-time working meant crippling child care costs and unhelpful parenting hours. I couldn’t see a way out until, encouraged by a friend, I successfully applied for my current job at Volunteering Matters.

Until I was offered my job at Volunteering matters I did not understand what ‘flexible working’ really is.  I thought it was just another buzz word.  Flexible working is, in fact, a total game changer that has transformed my life for the better. It is something Volunteering Matters are totally signed up to. It has transformed the way I look at work.

My role at Volunteering Matters, is a full-time 35 hour post, that I can work around my life and childcare responsibilities.  This means that I work from 8am until 4pm.  With Volunteering Matter’s flexible work model, I can calmly respond to any unexpected curveballs, such as if my baby is sick, with full support from my line manager and team.  I feel that I can be productive in my role, be creative and the best that I can be while also balancing my childcare responsibilities.

I love my role as Grandmentors Project Co-ordinator and feel that it really does make a difference to the lives of young people in the community. It is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Volunteering Matters have revolutionized the way I think about being a working mum!
They really care about staff wellbeing and staff mental health.  They care about each of us separately.  It is more like a family.