The European Commission’s EU Aid Volunteers initiative is supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid, and building the capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. Bringing together volunteers and organisations from across the world, the initiative offers practical support in the planning and implementation of humanitarian aid projects.

Organisations wishing to send or host EU Aid Volunteers must be certified under the initiative, before establishing a consortium to deploy volunteers. This is to ensure that the standards of volunteer management set by the Commission are met by all participating organisations.

Volonteurope, along with its consortium partners Alianza por la Solidaridad, GVC and HBAid, is working with 16 organisations (including Volunteering Matters), offering technical assistance on the path to European Commission accreditation. This involves working closely with each organisation to design and implement a tailored work plan to support them along the path to certification.

Contact Volonteurope or visit their website if you need; training on volunteering in humanitarian aid, EUAV webinar training, guidelines on the certification process, dissemination and support for info hubs or mentoring and organisational visits.