Roy, Volunteer with the Reading in Schools Programme

I visit a local primary school every week and listen to the children reading so I can help them improve these skills.

The children enjoy being listened to and it helps the teachers’ monitor their progress.  I comment on their progress.  Some children need more help and support than others and it is a case of treating each child differently to get the best out of them.

So what do I get out of it?  First of all, the knowledge that helping any child to read puts them on the first step to education and the pleasure of reading for entertainment.  In the digital age, the ability to enjoy books and be transported to a world of imagination cannot be overlooked.

Secondly, the pleasure of seeing the world through a child’s eyes and listening to their news of holidays and leisure time.

Having been at the school for so long I am now seeing the children moving on to Secondary education and I know I have contributed to their education.

Volunteering matters to children.  Schools will be happy to have your help. You will be making a big contribution to education and you will certainly enjoy a child’s view of the world.