Key Facts

Young volunteers aged 16-19 years (up to 25 for SEND) are working together, educating peers on issues that impact them.

From exploitation to domestic abuse and grooming, these young volunteers are lobbying for change by promoting young people’s voices and raising awareness in Greenwich.

WASSUP (Women Against Sexual exploitation and violence Speak Up) and ‘We are Patrick’ is a young social action project, which offers you the chance to create, develop and shape a local community project and use what you have produced to help others.

As a volunteer, that means you’ll get involved in planning and delivering your own social action initiatives, including workshops on specific issues in schools, awareness-raising events and creative engagement such as art, poetry, drama, film and photography. Your voice, your creativity and your experiences will shape these projects.

The workshops in schools are trauma-informed and you’ll create various interactive toolkits to inform other young people of the risks and impact of their decisions in an age-appropriate way. Your voice, insights and knowledge will empower fellow students to develop their resilience and grow in confidence, using their voice to seek changes in the system as it affects them.

Want to get involved? Email: 

0798 3945511


In partnership with Young Greenwich.