Key Facts

Rural Wisdom is a learning and development project taking place across Wales and Scotland that aims to explore the impact of rural isolation on older generations. The project will look at community-based solutions, and share its learning in order to impact communities across the UK.

Rural Wisdom is a partnership project between Volunteering Matters Cymru, Outside the Box and the National Development Team for Inclusion. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Over the next five years we plan to:

  • Tackle the issues older people identify as priorities for their communities and develop opportunities for older people to personally shape the community they live in.
  • Develop community-led activities to include and support older people and devise activities that help communities work well for people as they get older.
  • Build on and encourage the wealth of skills and experience older people can offer and encourage others to value this bank of existing skills in the community.
  • Explore and identify the impact of all of the above and its power to contribute to a larger change.

Following this, the project will then share learning both within the project and externally, in the hope that other communities can apply our learning and developments and subsequently alter the face of rural living across the UK.

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