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Peer Perspectives Clackmannanshire enables young people to increase awareness of mental health issues, and give them the tools and space to help themselves and others.

The project is led by volunteers aged 16-25 who want to play an active role in their community by championing mental health, whilst developing their own skills at the same time.

Young people deliver  workshops to their peers, producing materials to raise awareness of mental health and the tools to help manage it. Throughout their journey they are fully supported by Volunteering Matters staff.

We’re currently recruiting for volunteers who want to make a difference. Opportunities are tailored to each individual’s skills and comfort zone. Each volunteer will be create a personal development plan to ensure that they get the most out of volunteering while making a difference for other young people in their community.

Apply through the opportunity page below or contact Lynn on 07950 309706 or email:



Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Peer Perspectives Clackmannanshire

The Peer Perspectives project involves recruiting young people aged 16-25, training them on issues related to mental health, working with them to create workshops that can be delivered to other young people, and providing volunteers with a valuable development opportunity along the way. This project is very much about giving young people the space and the tools they need to talk confidently about mental … Continued