Key Facts

  • School pupils are matched with a mentor as an intervention technique to help improve the attainment and engagement with education resulting in improving their health and well-being
  • Funded by the Department for Education and delivered by Volunteering Matters

Many pupils in schools across Ipswich can, through no fault of their own, be in danger of falling behind socially and educationally, which could have negative effects on their lives down the line.

Our Schools Mentoring programme in Ipswich matches pupils with mentors as an intervention technique to help improve engagement with education to improve their physical and mental health, their wellbeing, and their prospects as they enter adulthood.

Having a positive mentor to lend a sympathetic ear to a young person radically reduces the risk of becoming Not in Education, Employment, and Training after the age of 16.

Our mentors provide pupils a person to talk to so they can express their feelings, concerns, and ideas for the future in a safe environment to give them more chance to really focus on their education.

We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers in and around Ipswich to join our programme. You’ll be helping local young people by giving them a safe space to process emotions, talk about their feelings, and get back on track with their education.



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