Key Facts

  • Running in Hounslow, London
  • Statutory requirement for all Local Authorities to provide an independent visitor for looked after children

Hounslow Allies is funded by Hounslow Corporate Parenting Department and has been running in Hounslow for over 13 years. It is the Statutory Duty on all Local Authorities to offer Independent Visitors for children in care; in Hounslow we call it Hounslow Allies.

Allies are volunteers, independent of social workers or other professional in a child in care’s life. They build a relationship with the child or young person (usually between 8 and 16) based on trust and mutual respect, they become a child’s Right Friend, a role model and a supporter who can be invited to attend Looked After Children Review meetings if the child wants them to.

Mainly volunteers and their child meet up on a regular basis, have fun, learn new activities, share their skills, knowledge and build happy memories together.


Volunteering Opportunities run by this project: