Key Facts

  • An RSVP project that creates lightweight alternatives to wigs for people who have lost their hair from chemotherapy or other causes
  • Based in Totnes, but provides hairpieces across the UK by mail

Heather’s Hair is an RSVP project that creates hairpieces and weaves for people experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other reasons. The volunteers create lightweight human hair hairpieces, and sew them onto a headband or Alice band that can be worn under a scarf or hat. The hairpieces and weaves are a light and comfortable alternative for people who are suffering hair loss and who don’t want to wear a full wig.

Heather Moore lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatment. She didn’t want to wear her wig all the time, but didn’t like going without either. Along with her friend Iva-Mary, the pair tested alternatives to a full wig, and then created the Heather’s Hair volunteer project.

The hair is attached to either a headscarf or hat, and can be adjusted to individual style and colour. Heather’s Hair now also do Harry’s Hair, which is a similar service for male users, where hair is attached to a cap. For more information on style and colours and ordering hair pieces, please see their Facebook page.

The team has since grown and expanded, but has remained in Totnes in Devon. However, Heather’s Hair can supply the products to people experiencing hair loss across the UK.