Volunteering Matters was quoted in article on Anchor’s website about the key to a happy retirement. The paragraph (below) on ‘engaging in charitable endeavours highlighted how giving time to charitable causes is as invaluable as donations!

Engage in charitable endeavours

Another excellent way to make the most of your retirement is by engaging in charitable endeavours. Giving back to your local community is not only a good thing to do but it is also incredibly rewarding. There are many ways one can consider doing so and it doesn’t have to include donating money. You could consider offering your time and volunteering for a cause you care about or helping out at the local animal rescue centre or youth club. Many charities will also love to accept volunteers and actually rely on people like you to do their good work. If you think this is something you would be interested in doing, take a look at the Volunteering Matters website where you can search for great opportunities in your local area.

Retired volunteer

Oonagh Aitken, the Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters, spoke to us about why volunteering makes for a truly rewarding way to spend one’s retirement: “The fact that over half of our volunteers are over 50, demonstrates there is a huge appetite to give back. This even involves people into their eighties and nineties. We know from our own data that volunteering greatly enhances well-being by engendering a sense of purpose – particularly if the volunteering is structured and suits the needs and interests of volunteers. Our volunteers regularly report improvement in their health and many more social contacts in their own communities and beyond.

“The beauty of retired volunteers is that they can offer a whole range of life skills which are invaluable for local communities. These can range from mentoring young care leavers to volunteering in local hospitals.

“Our award-winning Grandmentors programme operates in ten local authorities. Grandmentors, who are all aged over 50, are a catalyst for helping young care leavers to decide on taking a better path in life. Our RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme) is largely run by retired volunteers. Support offered in tutoring, managing vital services like car ferrying to doctors’ appointments and visiting the isolated, would simply not happen without the skills and energy of the retired. There is something for everyone. Visit our website and find the perfect fit near you.”




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