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Helping members of the community to continue to live safely and independently in their own home Apply now

Volunteers are needed to act as Responders to enable members of the community to continue to live safely and independently in their own home, knowing that help will be at hand should they need it.

Key Duties:

Being on rota into the Responders team for an eight hour duty period – you choose your day and whether weekly or fortnightly.

  1. Agree to stay in your area when on duty day, keeping your mobile with you.
  2. Receiving key information about any “shout” from your Volunteer Manager.
  3. Walking or driving to the address of the alarm-holder requiring attention.
  4. Enter the property using the keysafe.
  5. Supporting the alarm-holder as appropriate whilst keeping yourself safe (you will receive training on the kind of calls we will receive, what to do  / what not to do to keep yourself safe, how you might help the alarm-holder, e.g. turn down heating, find a remote control, have a comforting chat with someone in a mild emotional state, etc.).
  6. If further medical assistance is required, escalate back to Delta by pressing the alarm-holders pendant alarm and relaying what is needed. Stay with the alarm-holder until this assistance arrives. This is likely to be provided by St John’s Ambulance Service within this project.
  7. If your visit is confirmed by you as being around general home welfare (examples above) or finding more voluntary sector support, report this to your Volunteer Manager through completion of the document provided. This will then be passed on to the Delta Connect Workers who will find solutions.
  8. On conclusion of the visit, leave the property replacing the key in the keysafe and scrambling the code for security and report back to Volunteer Manager using the document provided.

Key attributes:

  1. Good health
  2. Empathy and common sense
  3. Reliable and committed

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our work with people in our local communities and we are grateful that you are offering your time to help us to make a difference, keeping people connected and safe. We’re working with the West Wales Care Partnership to provide this vital link.

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