The Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) in Clackmannanshire provides opportunities to older people or those in or approaching retirement to volunteer in a primary or secondary school to support pupils with reading, maths or more specialised subjects, depending on the schools requirements. This area is also looking for Volunteer Coordinators who will help to grow the network of schools our volunteers work with as well as being involved in the recruitment and training of new volunteers.

School Volunteers are not teachers, however, the individual attention they can give helps develop essential skills, as well as fostering children’s overall wellbeing and confidence.

Volunteers usually go into school for one session a week.  They give one-to-one help to children selected by the teachers to benefit from it. Volunteers liaise closely with teachers to complement the work in the classroom.


  • Interest in children’s education and supporting learning
  • Ability to attend regularly
  • Criminal Records (DBS) check – carried out by Volunteering Matters


As a volunteer you’ll receive:

  • Induction materials and guidance
  • Regular support
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How to apply

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