UK-wide volunteering charity Community Service Volunteers, commonly known as CSV, is marking a significant step towards a new future on Monday 27th April, when the organisation officially changes its name to Volunteering Matters.

As Volunteering Matters the charity will position itself to lead UK volunteering in policy and practice and build on its long-standing reputation of delivering important volunteering opportunities to people and communities all over the UK for the past 52 years.

Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters said:

“Our new name, Volunteering Matters, marks the beginning of an exciting new future for the organisation. We will continue to build on our consistent delivery of high quality volunteering programmes that positively impact the lives of people all over the UK.

Through social action volunteering, we enable people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to contribute to their local community, enhance their wellbeing and gain important new skills. We believe that as Volunteering Matters, we will be better placed to reach new audiences of people who either want to volunteer or could benefit from one of our many bespoke programmes.”

Volunteering Matters will focus on delivering volunteering programmes and projects to people all over the UK who are most in need, including; older people, young people, disabled people and families in need of support. By reaching out to these keys areas of society, Volunteering Matters aims to strengthen communities and promote social and economic inclusion.