We’re all a little out of practice for things that used to be easy – and using public transport is one example.

As well as remembering what we need to do to leave the house (such as finding a matching pair of shoes and locking the door behind us), we have to learn some new habits – wearing a face covering, following arrows and directions around places, and keeping two metres away from others.

This can be difficult to remember, and a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Volunteering Matters, supported by the Department for Transport, is looking for volunteers to be Journey makers to support and encourage people as they adjust to the new ways of travelling. They need friendly, approachable volunteers to welcome people at stations, helping them to think of the social distancing guidelines and reassuring anyone anxious about travelling.

It’s also a brilliant way for individuals to reengage with their local community following lockdown and rebuild confidence that many of us previously taken for granted.

Think you can help? Sign up at timecounts.org/journey-makers.

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