Hi, I’m Jonathan Le Fevre, I am 24, I’m from Ipswich but am currently living and studying at University of South Wales in Newport. I have been volunteering at Volunteering Matters in Wales for around 6 months and have completed the Mind Matters training along with attending a sign language event at the office. Before I started volunteering I was studying at University, I heard about volunteering through my friend Courtney who was already a volunteer at Volunteering Matters.

Although scheduling my university work with events can be challenging at times, I still get a lot from volunteering. I wanted to volunteer because I thought it would help with both my personal and professional development and would also be able to contribute to young people’s mental well-being. I also wanted to get more comfortable speaking to large groups as it’s something I may have to do with my job once I finish University.

Through volunteering, I was able to improve my ability to provide mental health workshops for young people.