“I am a mum of three and am also a third year student at the University of Greenwich studying health and wellbeing. I have a genuine passion for supporting vulnerable children and their families, and this led me to join the Greenwich Volunteers Supporting Families (VSF) project as a volunteer in 2015.

I have been matched to two families since I started, and both matches have been perfectly suited to me. My first match was challenging: it took a while to gain the mother’s trust, but by the end of my time with the family, she was very open and welcoming towards me and the children were no longer on a child protection plan.

I have been matched to my new family for nearly two months now and it’s going really well. The mother listens to my advice and I can see her making real change.

I have learnt so much through volunteering on this project. I’ve developed good planning and organisational skills, learnt how to work towards targets and improved my listening skills. I have so much more confidence in myself because of this role.

The experience has been invaluable; I am always touched whenever the family thank me for my support because I know it is coming from the heart.”