With social distancing and lockdown measures, its easy for people become isolated and lonely, especially those who may be older and more at risk from corona virus. 

Across the UK our volunteers are working hard to reduce social isolation and loneliness. This is so important, as communities respond to the measures in place for COVID-19. 

Down in Brighton our Lifelines project is a great example of how we and our volunteers are rising to the challenge.  

We’re giving older people who may be at risk of becoming lonely regular calls to check in, ask how they’re doing and have a friendly chat through a telephone befriending service for any older person who may need it. 

It’s a great way for people to stay connected in this difficult time of self-isolation and social distancing, especially those who may not have wider support networks around them.

We’re also running group activities – range from quizzes to creative writing or reading sessions – with people joining over the phone in addition to social activities online. And we’ll keep running our reminiscence sessions and perhaps even a coffee morning – just over the phone instead. 

We’re also helping older people who are unable to get out and shop for essential food and supplies.  Our volunteers are helping out whilst keeping safe and following government and NHS guidanceSo that the older people they’re helping, and make sure they are getting what they need at this crucial time. 

This support is vital as we bring communities together to support one another at this time. And we’re in urgent needs of funds to keep Lifelines running to make sure older people are getting the support they need.

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