I met Chris, Project Officer for Prime Time, in June 2016 when I was referred to him by a local Neighbourhood Care Scheme in Brighton.

I am in a supported living scheme and have been struggling with various physical and mental health issues. I have issues with pain, my eyes, my mobility and my skin. It felt like I had nobody on my side who understood what I’m going through. I don’t even have a mobile phone or access to a computer, so I feel very isolated sometimes.

After I met Chris, he wrote to me with information about what’s going on in Brighton and Hove for older men. Since then, Chris helped me with two health referrals: one for a neurology appointment and another referral for a full screening to find out whether I am living with autism.

Recently, I felt very desperate as my housing provider sent me a letter telling me I had to move. They didn’t provide any contact details for me to find out what was happening and what my rights are. Chris got a number for their head office and called them to tell them about my situation and my health issues. I feel less stressed about my accommodation now. Chris helped me feel less stressed by making that phone call – I struggle sometimes with communication and have now been accepted for a full screening for autism.

Chris has always encouraged me and I feel really supported by his Prime Time project. He has taken an interest and has been so helpful. My situation would have gone downhill if it wasn’t for his help. Thanks to him, I feel more confident.

I’ll be seeing Chris again soon, but just knowing Prime Time is there to help me makes such a big difference. I don’t feel quite so lost in the system now – I know there’s at least one person out there who understands me and will help me find my way. Chris always encourages me to join new groups. I went to the Hop 50+ Centre near to where I live recently. I also feel confident enough to go swimming at my local pool now.


*photo changed for privacy purposes