“Volunteering is important to me because it allows me to get involved with new things and develop a range of skills that cannot be learnt in school. In school, I had to do work experience, so I decided to volunteer. I have an interest in computers, and I was surprised when I worked with the team because there was a lot of work on the computer, not just actual volunteering. I’m glad I volunteered because I wanted to find out more about what it entails.

Things that motivate me to volunteer is engaging and meeting new people and it also improves my communication and people skills. Volunteering gives me something to do instead of just staying at home doing nothing, instead, I can come here and do something and make my time better spent.

Volunteering has helped my personal development because it improves my skills and qualities. It also helps me build up my confidence as a person as my skills grow. This will help me in the future when I start applying for jobs and doing interviews.

My time with Positive Futures London has gone in a flash. The team were so nice, welcoming me into their busy office. I will never forget these memories, going to the recruitment sessions, and visiting local schools to help recruit more young volunteers, it was really amazing.

Young people should definitely get involved in volunteering because it gives them something to do instead of being in the streets causing trouble. It also will make them feel good as they do something good for no reward except your own satisfaction. Volunteering gives you a sense of responsibility and it shows you you have an important part to play in your community.”