We’re delighted to support the #PinYourThanks initiative. Celebrity designers from Kiera Knightley, Ringo Starr and Joe Lycett have created these special badges to say thank you to volunteers helping keep others safe. You can purchase a badge online from the PinYourThanks website.

Already this year people volunteering their time to help each other in communities throughout the UK has saved countless lives in the most difficult of circumstances.

From volunteers distributing food to make sure people don’t go hungry to people making sure their neighbour next door has enough medicine or simply have someone to talk to, people are coming together to support one another during this crisis.

At Volunteering Matters we’ve seen mentors become drivers. Drivers become Befrienders. Handyperson volunteers delivering shopping and prescriptions. Volunteers running online quizzes and activities for older people. Mentees supporting their mentors. Older people creating online exercise classes for others to stay safe and active. And so much more.

From older people at the risk of loneliness and poor health, to others unable to get the essential supplies they need, or those that lack a support network to call upon, volunteers are making sure communities survive the pandemic.

This spirit of community, of coming together and helping one another shine in a time of national crisis is where strong relationships can be formed to improve the lives of people in communities throughout the UK post-pandemic. And so it can give us all hope.

We have a lot to be thankful for to the huge numbers of people volunteering to keep us all safe and well, and #PinYourThanks is such a simple, visible and effective way we can all pass on our gratitude to the individuals who have made our lives that much easier in difficult times.

Thanks to the VIP designers for creating these special badges, and for #PinYourThanks for this amazing initiative.

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