HealthLink supports older people to get to their healthcare appointments – reducing cancellations and missed health appointments and making the experience less stressful.

Nora has been a beneficiary of HealthLink since January 2017.

“I am 82 and have had a major operation on my spine and two hip replacements which has made walking around harder for me than it used to be.  I found hospital appointments very difficult. I find it a long walk to get to the right department and some of the ramps to get into our local hospital are particularly difficult and so I wasn’t sure I would be able to get to the physio treatment that I needed. 

Making sure I get to and from my appointments safely is the most important thing as I am worried about falling. Having a volunteer meet me at home, come with me to the appointment and make sure I get home safely has really helped me.

It is very important for someone like me to have someone who is reliable. I think that knowing I can call and ask for support to get to appointments also helps me to stay living in my own home.  I use the scheme quite regularly and I have been supported by 3 different volunteers. They have all been lovely and I’ve got on well with all of them.  It’s great that they volunteer to do this – I would be a HealthLink volunteer myself if I was a bit more able.  I think it’s a great scheme. I have no friends or family living in the area so it’s been wonderful. I would describe the scheme as a godsend.”