‘Being a Full-Time Volunteer in London did not only teach me important life skills; like confidence, independence or the courage to sit alone in a café and get to know new people.

Through Volunteering Matters I got to know so many wonderful people and discovered so many amazing places. But the one person I got to know the most, was myself.

Working together with Volunteering Matters, showed me, that being a Full-Time Volunteer is way more than just helping other people. The two people I supported who have autism showed me how the most simple things in life can have the biggest impact on you and can make you happy: a mind-set that I would’ve never discovered without Volunteering Matters.

I recommend this project to everyone who is open to a rollercoaster ride through fun, learning, sharing and discovering. From now on, I will walk differently through the world. Because now I know: Volunteering Matters!’

What does a Full-Time Volunteer do?