My name is Abigail and I am a student volunteer with the Mind Matters project. I identified that some of the participants struggled to understand the information and material used. As a student-volunteer, I made it my mission to ensure that accessible resources were created so that everyone, regardless of learning ability, is empowered to discuss their feelings with their peers.

Rather than focussing on traditional written-based comprehension tasks, I catered to the Mental Health Champions’ interests in crafts.  By working with crafts, I supported young people with additional learning needs (ALN) to develop an accessible toolkit that raises awareness of mental health and the importance of well-being for other young people with ALN. Over time, I encouraged the Mental Health Champions to deliver their toolkit to other young people, empowering them to explain what they created and how it can help improve a person’s well-being. Together, we delivered toolkits to over 50 young people in youth centres and secondary schools with additional learning needs,  They all gave positive feedback on the toolkit .

“Mental health is so important and everyone should have access to information to get help!”

My Mental Health project is a youth-led initiative that delivers peer-led workshops around mental health and the importance of positive well-being to those who have additional learning needs (ALN). The workshop covers a range of topics including a better understanding of what mental health is, coping strategies that anyone can do for themselves or to help their peers and the importance of positive well-being to our mental health.